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Each year, 19,000 service members are sexually assaulted while serving in the Military

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"I am signing because I am a survivor of MST and also suffer PTSD. Knowing the difficulty I would face in filing a VA claim, I have chosen to live with my issues. It would be so nice to be able to file a claim and not have to relive the trauma from so many years ago."

Jodie, Virginia

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I am going through the EXACT same thing right now. They gave me a 30% disability after 28 years with no help. I have appealed and have gotten a lawyer and now it has been two more years and still no upgrade. Meanwhile, I think about my rape every day. We are betrayed more than twice—everyday we are not compensated in any way for what happened, and living with the knowledge service women are still being raped—every day.

- Mendy, AR

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"This is important to me, because I too was raped, harassed and mentally abused while serving my 6 years in the Marine Corps. I couldn’t report it because I worked in the Battalion office, and my rapist was the Battalion Sergeant Major. Working in that office for the Battalion Commander, I was privy to the forgery, falsification of records, and abuse of their positions on a daily basis. The Sergeant Major got away with this constantly, and he and I both knew it, therefore I was discharged under false charges. It ruined my marriage, and broke me down, being so young and having my career yanked from under me, under such unbelievable circumstances. My claim is pending as we speak, and it is like reliving the rape and humiliation all over again. Anything else I can do to bring our plight to light, I am committed."

- Nick, California

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This is important because I am a Vietnam era female veteran who had multiply encounters with sexual harassment and was sexually assaulted while on active duty.  Nothing was ever done to help me or the countless others that I know this happened to as well.  Something needs to be done now!

- Donna, CA

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“I am a Navy Vet in the same situation as you!! I’ve put in my 3rd package for “”100% unemployability”” and await “”their”” decision.  Rape in the Navy is rampet! I am a victim of rape in the Navy!! Been seeking 100% for far too long! “

- Christina, FL